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Less meetings, more productivity

Collaborative screen sharing with multiple mouse cursors.

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A familiar place to work together

Share your screen and collaborate on all your applications: USE Together seamlessly makes them multi-users ready.

Multiple mouse cursors

Invite your team on your desktop and start creating the most amazing things together even better than if you were all gathered around the same machine. Everyone has its own mouse cursor and you can allow them to interact with your applications and data in real time.

Work together remotely

With USE Together, you feel like you are no more alone on your machine, you and your team both can have the control simultaneously. Want to lead the session? Fine, USE Together integrates a privilege system for you to get back the control at any time.

Share your screen

You can share any application running on your screen, USE Together seamlessly makes it multi-users ready. Less emails and no more endless meetings: remotely work and progress together whenever you want from wherever you are.

Easily join any session

Your guests can join you on your screen from any web browser supporting WebRTC standard, without any additional software nor plugin installation. Make it painless for them to participate in your working session and start being productive right away.

Improve your teamwork

Focus on what is essential to your business: USE Together will help you to do so with its numerous features.

Flexible offer

USE Together is available Online (Pre-Register to our Beta) or as a Professional On-Premises offer (contact us for more information).


Share your screen remotely with multiple mouse cursors support and benefit from synchronized inputs for a rich collaborative experience.


USE Together adapts itself to network conditions with the negotiation of multiple multimedia types and endpoints, thus producing an efficient use of bandwidth.

Device independent

Based on WebRTC standard, USE Together makes it as simple as opening a web browser to connect, being platform and device independent.

Low latency

USE Together is incredibly fast, similar to a native usage, even on slow connections thanks to its use of the latest video encoding technologies.


A simple live streaming of your desktop is sent to your collaborators through an encrypted Peer-to-Peer connection, your data stay at home.

Try USE Together for free

USE Together is free during the beta period, start sharing your screen right now with your team!

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Who are we?

USE Together is an OPEXMedia product developed in collaboration with the University of Reims Champagne Ardenne (France) and supported by our partner and investor Neoxia.