A click away from your screen.

Shared control

Every participant get their own mouse cursor and can interact with any apps on the shared screen.

Low latency

Fast screen sharing experience, even on low bandwidth connections or on high resolutions.

Voice chat

USE Together has crisp voice chat support with echo cancellation.

One click invites

Invite people on your screen from the built-in contact list or send them a direct link.

Web & desktop client

Anyone can join you on your screen from a simple web browser without having to install anything or from the desktop client.

Swap who shares

Swap who shares from the desktop client without having to restart the session.

Record your session

Record the session (screen sharing and audio) to re-watch it later on. Make instructional or demo records or simply keep track of what has been said during the session.

Security & Privacy

USE Together relies on TLS secured peer to peer connections. When you share a screen or call someone, a direct connection operates between your computer and the participant's computer. We can't see nor hear anything!

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Works out of the box

In most cases, you don't even have to change your network settings. USE Together uses a relay server when network settings are too restrictive. Relayed connections are end to end encrypted, we still can't see nor hear anything!