Remote pair programming tool.

Share your favorite IDE and apps

With USE Together, you don't have to learn how to use yet another IDE to pair remotely. Keep using your favorite one and pair remotely on your screen. You can swap who shares at anytime and iterate effectively, particularly useful when doing TDD (and ping pong pair programming) or when you just want to show something quickly. You're not limited to IDE sharing: share your web app, GitHub, Stack Overflow, API docs, YouTube... In fact, you can share whatever is on your screen.

a blue prompt from Mary willing to share Microsoft Visual Studio, showing buttons Accept and Ignore
an animation of two mouse cursors labeled Mike and John, interacting with some piece of code

You're all in control

Every participant gets their own mouse cursor on your screen and can interact with your apps. All keyboard layouts are supported, you can even have different layouts in a session. Driver/Navigator switch is a breeze, no need to pass the control, you already are all in control. Don't want your pair partners to click everywhere? Switch them back to spectator for a traditional screen sharing experience.

Voice chat

Communication is essential to pair efficiently. Chat with your teammate with crisp audio and echo cancellation, no need to use any other tool.

a headset with a bubble containing three dots
Safari, Firefox, Chrome and Opera logos

Invite guests who don't have the app installed

Invite people on your screen and debug a piece of code quickly. They can join you from their web browser (Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Safari 11+ are supported) without downloading anything nor even having to subscribe to USE Together. A built-in feature enables you to invite people by email or direct link.

We ❤️ developers

We are developers. We love hearing from our developer users. Should you have any feedback, idea or just would like to chat about remote pair programming, drop us a few lines at

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Pair remotely right away with USE Together!