Screenhero replacement tool.

Your team on your screen

As you could do with Screenhero, USE Together allows you to share any screen or app with your team, everyone has the control with their own mouse cursors. Invite anyone with a single click, swap presenter / screen, use different keyboard layouts and all your favorite keyboard shortcuts. USE Together is also available on Windows and macOS!

an animation of two mouse cursors labeled Mike and John, interacting with a blue bird illustration
Safari, Firefox, Chrome and Opera logos

Invite guests who don't have the app installed

Need to invite someone to show them your code quickly? They can join you on your screen from a web browser (Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Safari 11+ supported) without downloading anything nor having to subscribe to USE Together. A built-in feature enables you to invite anyone by email or direct link.

Voice chat

USE Together enables you to chat with your teammates with crisp audio and echo cancellation. Get things done quickly, even better than if you were at the same desk.

a headset with a bubble containing three dots

Look no more for a Screenhero replacement tool, collaborate now on any app with USE Together!