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Improve your team's productivity

Collaborative screen sharing with multiple mouse cursors.

Get started

Work with your team on your screen

Share your desktop and collaborate on all your applications, USE Together makes them multi-users ready.

Anyone can drive the session

Invite your team on your screen and start creating the most amazing things together even better than if you were at the same desk. Their own mouse cursors appear on your screen and anyone can drive the session at anytime. You can take back the control whenever you want.

Keep in contact

Add contacts, know when they are available and share your screen with a single click. Swap the presenter role at any time, they can in turn share their own apps with you.

A link to your screen

Invite guests who don't have the app installed, send them a link (email or direct link). They can immediately join you from their web browser (Chrome, Firefox, Opera or Safari 11+) without having to install any plugin nor having to actually subscribe.

Voice chat

Chat with your team while working together on any app and get things done quickly. USE Together has group voice chat support with crisp audio and echo cancellation.

Remote pair programming

Pair remotely with your teammate on your favorite IDE. Improve your code quality from anywhere in the world. Together you are stronger! Mob programming? USE Together handles it, invite all your team on your screen.

Share any application

With USE Together, you can share any app running on your screen: your favorite graphics editor, a presentation software, a video, an email and more. Share a whole screen or a single app and hide parts of your desktop you don't want to show.

Get USE Together for free

You don't need to register any credit card to try USE Together. After the 15 days trial period ends, you will be subscribed to a free plan. Start sharing your screen right now with your team!

Collaboration in team made easy

Focus on what is essential to your business: USE Together will help you to do so with its numerous features.

Flexible offer

USE Together is available Online or as a Enterprise On-Premises offer (see below).


Share your screen remotely with multiple mouse cursors support and benefit from synchronized inputs for a rich collaborative experience.


USE Together adapts itself to networks with the negotiation of multiple multimedia types and endpoints, thus producing an efficient use of bandwidth.

Device independent

Based on WebRTC standard, your team can join you on your screen a web browser running on any device.

Low latency

USE Together is fast, even on slow connections thanks to its support of the latest video encoding technologies.


A simple live streaming of your screen or app is sent through an encrypted Peer-to-Peer connection, your data stay at home.

Any questions about USE Together?

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Who are we?

USE Together is developed by OPEXMedia and supported by our partners the University of Reims Champagne Ardenne (France) and Neoxia.

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Partner: University