What if we collaborate?

USE Together is a Remote Pair Programming and Team Collaboration tool.

computer screen illustration showing the code symbol

Screen sharing

Share your favorite IDE or any app running on your screen, USE Together offers the lowest latency experience.

two mouse cursors

Shared control

Participants get their own mouse cursors and can interact with your apps better than if you were at the same desk.

a microphone illustration

Voice chat

Get instant feedback and iterate effortlessly, USE Together provides crisp voice chat with echo cancellation.

You're in good company

USE Together is used by many teams and individuals all over the world to collaborate and get things done together whatever the distance.

Pair programming with USE Together offers our international team greater flexibility and ease of use than if we were sitting side by side.
picture of Jason Younker
Jason Younker
Tech Lead - Moz
USE Together experience is very much like in-person pairing with two keyboards + two mice plugged into the same machine. I really appreciate the high bandwidth audio. A lot of conferencing apps skimp on audio which is exhausting after a few hours. Better audio makes it easier to pair for most of a day!
picture of Sarah Allen
Sarah Allen
Technical Leader & Open Source contributor
USE Together greatly improves collaboration among our worldwide Automotive Engineering Teams thanks to the real time sharing of our CAD-CAM-CAE apps. Information is thus better shared, so we produce less iterations and we optimize our Time to Market.
picture of Philippe Ledoux
Philippe Ledoux
Product Owner - RENAULT
USE Together is invaluable to our semi-remote team. When Screenhero went away, we were in a panic. USE Together filled the void and saved the day.
picture of Jonathan Peoples
Jonathan Peoples
Senior Web Dev - FLEX360
USE Together is simply the best-in-class pair programming tool. Clear audio and low latency make remote collaboration not only practical, but a joy. Multiple cursors really helps out when pair debugging and discussing code generally. This is a piece of software that does its job superbly.
picture of David J. Hamilton
David J. Hamilton
Staff Software Engineer - LinkedIn

Get USE Together for free

You don't need to register any credit card to try USE Together. After the trial period ends, you will be subscribed to a free plan. Start sharing your screen right now with your team!

Better than working at the same desk

Share your screen with your team and collaborate on all your applications.

an animation of two mouse cursors labeled Mike and John, interacting with some piece of code

Code together

USE Together is a remote pair programming tool. Share your favorite IDE and apps, participants get their own mouse cursors and you're all in control. Onboard a new team member, debug a persisting issue in your code base, progress together or do remote pair programming interviews. All of this from the comfort of your own desk.

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Free your creativity together

Tired of back-and-forth emails and endless meetings to get things done the way it should? Present your designs to your team without sending them the source files. Get instant feedback, iterate and adjust the last elements effectively. Your team will show you how by pointing at things and interacting with your apps in real time.

an animation of two mouse cursors labeled Mike and John, interacting with a blue bird illustration
an animation listing various use cases such as: code with IntelliJ together

In fact, you can do anything on your computer together!

Draft a presentation for tomorrow, browse Stack Overflow or an API doc with your pair partner, watch movies, play games with your friends. There are just a million things you can do on your computer with your remote team and friends, even better than if you were at the same place. Share your favorite apps on your screen, USE Together make them collaborative ready effortlessly.