Slack integration

Yay 🎉🙌, USE Together has been added to your Slack workspace!

Slack integration

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USE Together for Slack

Add to Slack an animation showing Amy, Ed and Mary having a conversation on Slack before Amy clicks on the call button

Start collaborative screen sharing sessions with one click

USE Together can be integrated with your Slack workspace, letting you start sessions with the /use slash command or from the call button if USE Together is set as your default calling app. Click on the Add to Slack button above then click on Allow when prompted to add the USE Together app to your workspace.

Using the slash commands

In addition to the /use command, you can also use the /use invite or /use add commands to respectively invite someone to join your session or add them to your contact list. Note that you need to have the USE Engine app installed before using any of these commands. You can get a list of all the available commands and parameters with /use help.

a message on Slack after entering a slash command

Et voila

You're all set to launch collaborative screen sharing sessions directly from Slack. If you have any feedback to share, please contact us at

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