Slack integration

Yay 🎉🙌, USE Together has been added to your Slack Team!

Slack integration

Oh no 😥, an error happened while adding USE Together to your Slack team. Please try again later or contact us at [email protected].

Slack integration

How to set it up

Click on the button below then select Authorized when prompted to add USE Together app to your Slack team.
Add to Slack

Using Slack with USE Together

Once you have added USE Together app to your Slack team, you can use the /use invite, /use web-invite or /use add commands. Note that you need to have the USE Engine app installed before using these commands. Check all the available commands and parameters with /use help.

Et voila

You're all set to invite anyone on your screen straight from Slack and make the most amazing things, together! If you have any feedback to share with us about this integration, please contact us at [email protected].